If you're getting ready to start a big project at your residential or commercial property, you need professional lot clearing services to remove unwanted trees and debris. Experienced Tree Service LLC uses professional-grade equipment to clear your lot in Sarasota, FL. Our crew has extensive experience clearing lots of all sizes.

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Land Clearing Services Throughout Sarasota, Bee Ridge, and Bradenton, FL




Before you start building on your lot, you need professional lot clearing services to make sure the site is safe and clear for construction. Count on Experienced Tree Service if you're starting construction on any of these projects on your commercial or residential lot in Sarasota, Bee Ridge, or Bradenton, FL:





  • New homes
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Government projects
  • Businesses




We'll remove trees and debris from the lot, so you can start developing the land. We can also help make sure you have all of the required permits and clearance before you begin your project. Contact us now to make an appointment.