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Bradenton Tree Services

Trees are an essential part of Bradenton’s landscape and environment, which is why when you need someone to provide them with care, it’s always best to go with the experienced care provider.

At Experienced Tree Services LLC, we have been providing Bradenton home and business owners with the highest quality tree services. With our staff’s extensive training and professional experience, our certified arborists continue to be among the most trusted in the area.

For a breakdown of our various tree services, please continue reading. But for a free quote on any tree services you already know you require, call us today at (941) 320-0151.

Tree Removal

As certified arborists, the Experienced Tree Services LLC staff never likes to remove trees because our first choice is to always preserve them. However, even the biggest, strongest trees age and can become liabilities. In order to prevent damage to your home or business at the first sign of heavy winds, we take great pride in our ability to remove problematically placed, dead or decaying trees.

We always strive to remove trees as efficiently and safely as possible. This means removing a tree without doing any damage to existing structures in the area, other trees, vegetation or whatever else we might find neighboring the dead tree.

There is no tree too tall for our trained and certified employees because our customer’s safety and peace of mind is our priority.

Tree Trimming

Far too many home and business owners are under the impression that the only reason to get a tree trimmed is for esthetic value. And while regular pruning does improve a tree’s overall shape and appearance, too much trimming can cause your property’s curb appeal to decline.

When you hire Experienced Tree Services LLC’s certified arborists, they have all the necessary training to trim just the right amount to promote good health and growth. We are also available to remove any safety hazards such as cracked branches or growth that has begun interfering with utility lines.

We have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to provide top-notch care to any species of tree in the Bradenton area.

Stump Removal

Stumps may seem benign but leaving them behind after a tree removal can be costly. Grass and other plants can hide stumps, which often results in injury or broken landscaping equipment. Rotten stumps also attract pests, which can spread thorough your yard and even get into your home over time.

Procedures will vary based on the age, size and tree-type of the stump, but we have all the necessary equipment and technical know-how to complete any stump removal that is required of us.

Emergency Tree Services

After a storm hits, trees are massive hazards. Whenever a tree is posing a problem, our team of certified arborists are only a phone call away. Simply call (941) 320-0151, tell us what the problem is and we’ll be there as soon as we can to resolve the issue.