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Stump Grinding Service in Venice

Once a tree has been cut, what do you do with the stump? Well, when you get a tree removed from your Venice commercial or residential property with Experienced Tree Service, we typically recommend grinding the stump. Why? The most obvious reason is esthetics. An ugly stump can stick out like a sore thumb, causing your landscape’s esthetic value to plummet. Furthermore, a tree stump in the middle of your garden or in the way of installing a walkway, driveway or patio can render the space unusable.

But the most important reason to acquire stump grinding services is to preserve the health of your landscape. When stumps get old, they can rot and start to attract mold and fungi, which can contaminate the rest of your garden, harming the plant life on your property. They can also be the perfect home for pests. And if the stump is located close to your home or business, it’s only a matter of time before they outgrow the stump and seek refuse in your building.

Overall, there are many reasons to get rid of any stump on your Venice, especially when it can be done so easily by a highly qualified team of local tree care professionals. Experienced Tree Service has been helping Venice property owners and managers get rid of these unattractive and potentially hazardous nuisances with ease for many years. We have all the necessary equipment to get rid of stumps on your property.

Don’t let a stump detract from your property’s esthetic value or take up space any longer and call (941) 320-0151 today to get a free estimate on our stump grinding services.

How a Stump Grinder Works

Experienced Tree Service is able to get rid of stumps at your convenience thanks to our state of the art and meticulously maintained stump grinders. The essential components of a stump grinder are basically the same whether it is a large vertical stump remover or a smaller stump grinder. The grinding action that removes stumps from the ground is performed by a whirling cutter disk with carbide teeth. Smaller stump grinders shave sections of the stump away through repeated application. Vertical stump grinders will bore directly down into a stump excavating the biomass out of the ground.

The type of stump grinder we will use to grind away the stump on your property depends on the state it is in. Either way, we have the necessary equipment to grind any size or type of stump, so just give us a call today.

You might be tempted to rent a stump grinder and grind it away yourself, but we cannot in good conscience recommend this. Stump grinders can be extremely dangerous. So, if you don’t have any experience working with this type of machinery, trust the professionals at Experienced Tree Service to grind your stump and save yourself any risk of injury.

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