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Sarasota Tree Removal

Trees provide us with so much. They give us oxygen to breathe, a place to cool off after some time in the hot Sarasota sun and they accent our properties’ landscapes. Despite all a tree can do for you, sometimes it is your responsibility to get it removed.

Removing a dead or dying tree is imperative for property owners because the longer they put off removing it, the more dangerous is becomes. The longer a tree has to rot and decay, the more likely it is that it will topple over or catch fire, which can have serious legal and financial consequences for property owners.

However, removing a dead or dying tree isn’t something the average home or business owner can do themselves. Not only does it take special equipment, it requires a lot of training and experience to make sure it is done safely and correctly. That is why Experienced Tree Services LLC is proud to provide the best tree removal services in all of Sarasota and surrounding areas. As our company name suggests, we are certified tree professionals and have removed enough trees in our professional lives to know how to remove any tree with the utmost safety and security.

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Signs You Need Tree Removal

There is nothing quite like a fully-grown, majestic tree on a property. Because mature trees live so long, you probably can’t even picture the property without it. However, there are times when it is necessary to get it removed in order to protect your home from any potential damage or pest infestation.

We don’t expect customers to know exactly what the problem with their tree is as it takes a lot of training to become a certified arborist. Here are a few things to look for to know if you need our tree removal services.

Majority of the Tree is Damaged

Trees are tough, but even the biggest, strongest trees have their limits. If more than half of the tree is showing signs of damage, it has a very slim chance of recovering. The longer you wait to get it removed, the more dangerous it becomes.

It Is Leaning

If a tree on your property was once vertical and now stands at an angle, it could mean the roots have weakened or broken beneath the ground. Depending on how severe the angle is and what is in its path, contact us immediately.

It’s Sick

Look at where the tree’s trunk meets the soil. If there are mushrooms growing on it, other fungi or carpenter ants, things are not looking good. Check the bark for holes, cracks and peels. If all are present, your tree is probably diseased and should be removed before it falls or contaminates the rest of your landscape.

If you are still not sure whether your tree can stay or if it must be removed, please call (941) 320-0151 to arrange an assessment with one of Experienced Tree Services LLC’s certified arborists today.