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Venice Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential service for every property owner in Venice because leaving your trees unattended is a liability. A tree that isn’t trimmed regularly can damage your property’s curb appeal, the tree’s health and the safety of those on and around your property.

Thankfully, home and business owners in and around Venice can eliminate any tree-related liabilities by getting them trimmed regularly by certified arborists. Experienced Tree Service LLC is the best choice for anyone in need for tree trimming services in Venice because the single greatest asset an arborist can have is experience. Every tree, no matter what its species or where it’s located, always presents a new set of problems. And to think on your feet to solve a problem takes experience. We have been doing this long enough and built up such a big resume of successful projects that communicates to customers that we have full confidence in our abilities and they should too.

To find out more about our competitive tree trimming rates, contact us today by calling (941) 320-0151. Continue reading this page to learn more about how you can benefit from regular tree trimming services.

Preserve Your Property’s Esthetic Value

You may own an amazing property, but you may not be getting fair value for it if you intend to sell it with an overgrown or partially dead tree. Keeping your tree’s branches uniform is an easy way to boost not only its esthetic value, but your entire landscape’s. When you get one of Experienced Tree Service LLC’s certified arborists to care for your tree, you can rest easy knowing that all the rot, dead shoot and unhealthy branches will be removed in a manner that will not do any additional harm to your tree, landscape or property’s value.

Trimmed Trees are Healthy Trees

The best cure is prevention. When you acquire our regular trimming services, your tree will always have room for new, healthy branches and leaves while combating diseases and pests that could compromise your tree’s health, which can hurt the tree’s structural integrity.


Trimming down dead branches has a high safety upside for your property. It minimize the possibility of fire catching and spreading, plus it removes any potential for falling debris or, worse, the tree itself tipping over. And think about how much your home’s value will plummet when a rotted, old tree comes crashing through the roof.

When to Get Your Trees Trimmed

The best time to get a tree trimmed is in the fall or winter because that is the dormant season. That means the tree is in a hibernation-like state and therefore less susceptible to harm. Certain species of trees require more precise timing and different approaches to ensure no inadvertent harm is being done. But whenever you spot what you believe could be a problem, do not wait for fall or winter to reach out to Experienced Tree Services LLC. Our tree trimming services are available year-round and we are ready to take your call to resolve any issue as soon as possible.